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 +====== Getting Started ======
 +Some useful tips when you start modding
 +===== Debug Mode =====
 +Adding the line
 +to the USER.TXT file in My Documents/My Games/BBCBA will turn on debug mode, which adds additional tooltips, logging, and other useful info.
 +===== Script Tools =====
 +Editing scripts is much easier if you grab the recommended tools.  You get syntax highlighting, bracket checking, and it's all free!
 +===== Script Logging =====
 +You can get your scripts to output information to a debug text pane.  You do this by using the Log function in the script.
 +Log("Checking", GetUnitX(id), GetUnitY(id), GetUnitActive(id), GetTileLOS(GetUnitX(id), GetUnitY(id), 1)) ;
 +Note that a logging call can have between 0 and 4 numeric values after the description string, which will be output to the debug pane.  To toggle the debug pane, hit F6 when in battle.
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